Diet Blog Bloggeries ReviewIf you have any interest at all in dieting, and I mean, in this day and age who doesn’t! I recommend you take a look into a Diet Blog that contains the journalings of a self-proclaimed fat geek. Meet the author, pseudonymed “I am a Fattie”. Here is someone who has struggled with the overweight issue all of their life. The author states an apathy about that on a personal level, but has reached out to the dieters of the world with a wealth of information that is much more than the do’s and don’ts of dieting for dummies. You will see posts on weight loss surgery, diet pill product reviews, ab workouts, how to use a fitness ball, and a personal favorite of mine, the wrinkle free diet! There are also snippets in there that that provide significant food for thought, such as “How I beat Anorexia” and “Alchohol Makes Fruit Healthier – or Does it?” Not often you find blog posts that make you say “wow…” out loud. You will also find a banquet of diets for your eating pleasure on this site, and trust me, there really IS something for everyone here whether you are strictly dieting, just watching what you eat or considering weight loss surgery!

Navigation is very easy on this site. The opening page has posts centered down the page. On the left you can read about the author, get some congee recipes (YUM!), and peruse some advertising. On the right you will find a host of dieting categories that will feed your fancy on every topic from Lipo to its polar opposite, Get Big. There is an abs diet, an author’s diet, real life diet stories, supplements information, daily logs, burn fat, and so much more. You will also see some more advertising, the blog roll, and if you are having such a good time there, why not subscribe as a reader to the blog. The font looks good, and the colors are simple, which is great because the overall graphics do not deter from the mainstay of the site. There are plenty of appropriate pictures with every post and throughout the blog. This site leaves no fork unturned.

I am going to give this site a 3.3 for now as I think it needs some format changes. The advertising is just a bit distracting. I think maybe formatting the colors of the graphics around the AdSense will make it blend in a little bit more. The distraction is unfortunate because the content of the site is spectacular, well written, and very well informed and it deserves more recognition than it is probably getting. I also noticed a few grammatical errors, which also detracts from a very well researched blog post. However, a spell checker can fix that in a jiffy. Further, I would suggest the posts be broken down into sections, or broken down and written on separate days. The posts are very long, and while informative, may cause potential viewers to just scroll through the site instead of enjoying its content rich quality. Breaking down the posts could easily make this a daily blog, as the posts are only coming in every few days at this point. Just a few formatting and technical variations will make this an outstanding diet blog that I think people will line up for faster than the buffet line on Mother’s Day.

- Chrissie

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