Fashion Blog - Find the Latest Fashion Trends from Open up the Spork Fashion Blog and you will be greeted with the exact times in New York, London, LA, and Tokyo. The commonality here clearly being the fashion Mecca’s of the world. The owner of this Blog is Alyse Wax, who established this Blog in her dedication to giving up and coming designers some exposure. She features the newest pieces from what she terms “hi-lo” designers. In the fashion world, hi-lo means couture at K-Mart pricing. Spork is a 27 year old L.A. native who is a television producer with credits such as Big Brother, Hell’s Kitchen, and Penn and Teller. In her down time she shops, knits, plays video games, and reads. Don’t let knowing this information up front give you a false impression of her. She is quirky, hip, whimsical, and has an outstanding fashion sense. She also has the know on where to get it on a budget.

The site itself navigates very easily and contains a wealth of great features. If you are an up and coming “hi-lo” designer, she is looking for you. Add your link to her list of additional fashion blogs, and send her some samples to be featured on her site. If you are simply a fashionista with champagne tastes and a beer budget, check out her featured designers and fashion lines. From Calvin Klein to Kenneth Cole, you will find everything to feed your fashion appetite on this site. Check out her personal pieces (that she has acquired, not designed) and get up-to date information on where to get low-end pricing on that Kate Spade bag you have been eyeing. You can also stop in simply to read her whimsical “Coutorture” which is a series of news articles on industry headlines. A sample headline reads, “Fall into the Gap, again, and again, and again…..”

If you are a fashion conscious woman, you will enjoy this site. I am going to give it a 4.7 out of 5. The content is current, comprehensive, and drool-worthy. She earns appearance scores with her layout of time zone clocks and her opening slogan, “Complainte des Landes Perdue” which translates into “Land of the Lost Moors”. I find the Blog on the high end of uniqueness as well. You get a lot of personal stuff in there without it hitting you over the head, and you get information on the latest pieces hitting the runways. Navigation is extremely simple as well. If you want to look at Prada, it will only take a minute to find it. Likewise if you want to add your designer information. The layout is very straightforward with no uncertainties. I give perfect scores for activity when I see posts daily, and this site is updated about every 3 days. The only comments I would add is to see more posts, and ** gasp** add some advertising. Also she should have changed her permalinks to search engine friendly terms such as /kenneth-cole-fashion-etc instead of just numeric /=?234; it would make her blog ALOT easier to find via search engines. I think if this Blog got some decent exposure the traffic would substantially and she could make a killing.

- Chrissie

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