Bloggeries Blog Review - 2 on 5Welcome to another blog review from Today’s review features the blog NBA Dunks which is fairly self-explanatory from the title. It is all about the most amazing dunks in the NBA and the players who “slam ‘em down”. If you are a basketball fan you are going to enjoy this site, so long as you are not looking for dunk information beyond 2006. If you are looking for tickets however, they do have active links for ticket purchases for games that actually occur this season. Besides ticket sales and some slammin’ good dunk shots, you will be able to catch up on some Buzz Beaters, dunks that come out of nowhere during those last critical seconds of the game. You can also find ticket dealers for specialty games such as All-Star, Finals, and Orlando Magic.

Carmello Anthony Big Slam Dunk!

Other features you will find on this site are results from NBA Dunk contests from 1984 to 2006, and some pretty unbelievable footage of some amazing NBA Dunks. Some of these dunk shots are for NBA aficionados, a retro look at the famous Julius Erving shot for example, one that appeals to Sixers fans “of a certain age”. Of course they also have dunk greats like Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Carmello Anthony etc… You can also go to some of the Blog’s additional links which will take you anywhere from Golf to recipes to Frank Sinatra. I did not bother to check those out; my guess was those links were as archived as the site itself. Navigation is simple here because although the site is interesting, there is not much to it. You can choose what dunks to see and when. The layout is general, and not unappealing. And the format was pretty standard.

For content I am going .5 here, I was torn. The quality of the available footage was GOOD, but it was old. I also figured if I really wanted to see these dunks I would probably go to You Tube first, and not this Blog. Uniqueness gets average points as well. I like the idea of the site; I think a site dedicated to Dunks is original. Lack of activity however dampers my thoughts on its originality and quality. Back in its day this was a fairly current site but it loses points today for no current action. While the google ads were obvious, they were not intrusive. I think if the owner kept this site current, he could see some decent ad revenue come in. Overall I am going with 2.2 here. If this site was somehow “revived” I think it would fair very well for basketball fans. Otherwise, it does not merit much attention.


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