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I have a tough time finding blogs which inspire me. Blogging should come natural, not be something that you do the same way as if you were creating a web site. I have just received a random suggestion to review the Internet Marketing Sucks blog, and to my surprise, I’ve liked the posts a lot.
Many of them deal with everyday obstacles web marketers experience. References to sources such as Digg makes the blog familiar territory for me.
Fictional MySpace Profiles is something many will relate to, don’t you get sick of reading profiles that are not really profiles?
I personally support internet marketing that doesn’t stand in people’s ways. No use of fake MySpace accounts, no use of “get fake friends software”. The Internet Marketing Sucks Blog has obviously been created in order to generate business, get attention to the main site. And it’s working. It’s not a great blog, but it’s something that I can see myself reading from time to time. I therefore give it a 3+. And I hope that many readers will understand that blogging about something boring, doesn’t have to be boring.

Mike Dammann
Frog Engine Blog Engine

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