Rated 3 at BloggeriesThe name reveals it all – petinformation.blogspot.com is about pet-information. You can find information about various pets like cats, dogs, fish, snakes, chinchillas, chameleons, e.t.c.

After having a look at the blog I had a feeling that it is a “made-for-adsense” blog. Correct me if I am wrong. The moment the page loads you can see google ads on top and on the right side. Even the profile of the author is missing. So no information about the author! Sorry guys. The author mostly copy various pet related articles from the internet and pastes them on the blog (with some modifications sometimes).

After all that said, I have to admit that the posts are informative for pet lovers (a reason not to give this blog a lower ranking). For example, click here. I myself learned some new things (as I am a pet lover) from many posts like this one- Training your cat. The blog is 10 months old. The author started out with a large number of posts every month but has slowed down a bit now. One thing which I like is that he/she provides the links to the website containing the original articles and makes a note at the end of every post, telling about the author of that particular article(on the original website).

Considering all these things I have descided to give it a 3. I could have given it a lower ranking if the posts were not so informative and might have given it a higher ranking if there was some information about the author on the blog and the look of the blog was more presentable. Owner of the blog are you reading? So go and take some action on that.

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