blog reviewIn light of the upcoming Olympic Games in China, I’m reviewing China View.
I like the dedication behind that blog. No hype, just news. The kind of news that we don’t really get. It’s been introduced to me here a day after this thread has been started and it absolutely blows my mind how a government can suppress its population like this … and get away with it.
How Global CCP Resignation Statistics Are Calculated(1)
House Church Destroyed in Zhejiang
Tibetan poet’s blogs closed down
Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge to stop the Brutality(10)
AI report 2006- China overview(8)
Index of special report
Telephone Messages(6)- Harvesting Organs in China
Top 10 posts of last month (July 2006)
Well-known lawyer Beaten and Detained in Beijing
Lawyer’s 3rd open letter urge to stop the Brutality(9)

Just look at the titles of the entries.
You will see story after story discussing major violations of human rights. Now the Olympic Games will be held over there, and I believe that this blog should be one of those that people get to see. It’s very depressing, yet very real.

Since Chinese people in China can’t just blog about anything they want, this blog is hosted by wordpress itself, good luck getting this one shut down.

I give this blog a 4, definitely worth reading and passing on. There are also some very good sites linked to on the right hand side, so if any of you want to get involved, the resources are all there.

- Mike Dammann
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