blog reviewRandom Crap Online: random yes, online yes … crap? Not really. More like random anything. It has a good mix of compilations of just about anything:
Chess Boxing, Hot Soccer Wives, Paris Hilton’s video. You name it, it might be on there somewhere. As long as it’s of interest to people, it qualifies.
Random Crap Online is a very interesting blog to browse thru and read about stuff and stories that you normally don’t hear about. Well … “not hear about yet” rather.

The Lost Episode of the Smurfs is another video you need to watch.

There are 113 videos on this blog. It appears hi-tech and professional. None of what I’ve read was boring. It gets updated a week times a week, and never appears to be done out of a need to post.

I do recommend bookmarking it and showing some of it to your friends. Blogs like these are the reason blogs are successful. Anyone can get one and share something that excites him. Just a few minutes online, and you’re done.

At this point and time, my recommendation would be to keep on blogging. The more the better. It’s very refreshing to read thru a blog that doesn’t seem to be “forced”. Everything is put together naturally, as it would get the poster’s attention and he feels the desire to show it to others as well.

I give this blog a 4. I would love to review more like these, for me to read, bookmark and share with others.

- Mike
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