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Ideal Body Types For Badminton

There isn?t one ideal body type for badminton, there are many. However, you need to adapt the way you play to the way you?re built. This is a challenge for many coaches, as they tend to teach stude...

To Stick With One Coach, or To Roam Free

The player coach relationship is an interesting one.  In many cases it?s similar to a parent-child relationship, with many of the same ups and downs.  As a player you want to be loyal to your coach...

Taufik Stands In Lee Chong Wei?s Path

The Chinese dominance has been the main talking point in Malaysia this week, but the local world number 1 has been quietly conducting his business under the radar this week. There may be 7 Chinese ...

Badminton Success Requires A System

In Denmark there are less than 6 million people, and yet we have produced 10 World Champions. Only China (1.3 billion people) and Indonesia (230 million people) have produced more. How can Denmark ...

Top Seeds Dominate Play

Saturday?s play begun with top seeds Robin Middleton and Mariana Agathangelou in quarterfinal action against Christian John Skovgard and Maria Heisbol, 21 minutes and two games later, the top seeds...