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Progressive Political DiscussionsProgressive Political Discussions

Progressive Political Discussion covering current events, social issues, Iraq War, the Bush Administration, upcoming elections, and the environment. These are just a few of the issues discussed in our progressive political blog.
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Structural Economic IssuesStructural Economic Issues

Discussing current totalitarian economic society where nothing but wealth is valued and it predominantly being in the hands of business elites woven into our government.
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People, Politics and PablumPeople, Politics and Pablum

A blog about politics including analysis, news, funny videos, opinion, polls and projections, all with an attitude
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The Sarah Palin BlogThe Sarah Palin Blog

Covering the moose-eating, gun and Jesus-loving, Hockey Mom from Alaska who has quickly become a house hold name and tabloid sensation who is just inches away from becoming the next vice president of the USA.
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Political and Social commentary on topical events and issues from a Leftist perspective. Often irreverent and satiric. Always edgy and provocative. The author looks askance at the world we live in.
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Current Events. Shaken. Not Stirred... Discussing current events from around the globe with a focus on politics.
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What Would Zooey SayWhat Would Zooey Say

A blog about looking for love in the political landscape.
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The Last TraditionThe Last Tradition

Political commentary from someone not afraid to speak the truth.
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Blend of the DayBlend of the Day

A mix of both humorous posts and conservative political posts for the Average Joes among us.
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Who Will LeadWho Will Lead

History, economics, geopolitics... They all provide a context for the challenges of the 21st Century. "Who Will Lead?" endeavors to place those challenges in the proper context and presents issues in a non-partisan manner.
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